Remote Workforce for Higher Education using BANNER Student Information Systems

At NuneX Enterprises LLC dba NeXus Cloud Solutions (NuneX-NeXus), we believe that our firm has a great solution to help Colleges and Universities in connecting BANNER Student Information Systems in the cloud to connect with Support Desk, CRM, and VoIP systems. We currently have this solution working at a college in San Antonio, TX.

The solution we integrated and developed will allow a remote workforce to receive incoming and making outgoing College-University business calls while being able to access BANNER student data in the safety and possible isolation of the workforce's homes via the cloud (no firewalls, VPNs, only Internet Access required). The BANNER access solution can also work in a mobile device configuration.

During the last few months (before the Coronavirus Pandemic / COVID-19) our development team had been working in conjunction with a Call Center firm based in San Antonio, TX to support their local college client for Tier 1 & 2 applications requiring the use of interfacing with secured BANNER student data to work with our Zoho support desk cloud solution. The end product allows for receiving and processing calls directed to either Call Center and College administrative staff as well as logging these calls, creating tickets for support, and other related tasks all through an Internet Cloud Application without requiring VPN connectivity for the user.

Our testing with real student production data was a success in:
1. Receiving incoming calls directed to one of many departments phone numbers such as Admissions, Business Offices, Continuing Education, and Financial Aid;
2. Access the required student data via a BANNER ID: and
3. Verify the student information and proceed with the student's or business request.

As mentioned in the outset, this was done via the Internet cloud and did not require the receiving "Agents" to VPN to the college's network to access BANNER student information. Only decent Internet connectivity, Computers, headsets with microphones, and minimal training were required. Another key requirement was for a custom API middle-ware solution to be setup at the data center which allows our cloud solution to interface with BANNER data.

To our knowledge we are the only cloud solutions vendor that has the BANNER connectivity part of the remote cloud solution figured out and operating successfully. This solution can also be modified and utilized in K-12 School Districts using a Student Information System such as PowerSchool.

We also have in possession a recently awarded State of NM contract vehicle throughHigh Plains Regional Educational #3 (at no percentage cost to State of NM K-12 schools, colleges, Universities, State & Local municipal government entities, etc.) that can be used to quickly satisfy procurement guidelines and requirements.

COVID-19 Remote Workforce Solutions

NeXus Cloud Solutions featured products and services can work for any 1-person, SMB, to Enterprise organization that is seeking to have their workforce work safely in a remote setting. We can setup a 1-person to large departments configurations leveraging our cloud systems, VoIP (for inbound-outbound calls), and custom cloud software and interfaces (if required) to get you operational and functioning in hours to a few days, depending on the requirements and complexities of your organizations's needs.

Please contact us to see how we can be of assistance during these difficult times.