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High Plains Regional Education Cooperative #3 - Alternative Cloud Solutions

NuneX Enterprises LLC's contract with HPREC #3 includes all Zoho Cloud Solutions (40+ Applications), Synology Hybrid Cloud, Call Center, and Cyber Security Cloud Solutions for use in the State of New Mexico (NM) to include all Education (K-12), Higher Education (Colleges and Universities), Federal, State, Municipal, Local government, Native American Indian Tribal Government, and related entities that operate and reside in the state of NM. The entity leveraging this contract vehicle is NOT required to pay HPREC any associated fees, percentages, or obtain membership in their consortium; but rather, be a valid State of NM entity that qualifies under its contract scope.

Under the 200 New Mexico Statute Section 13-1-56 (NM Stat § 13-1-56 (2017) HPREC would qualify as an "External Procurement Unit" which allows other states to leverage our Alternative Cloud Solutions for their technology needs.

Please contact us if you are required to follow State of New Mexico procurement rules and regulations and would like to utilize HPREC's contract for your cloud solution needs to minimize procurement delays as well as obtain significant discounts on offered products and services.